Hi My name is Abu Talha. I’m a Graphic Designer. I am a specialist in logo and brand identity design for each type of business. I have experience working with over 400 projects. I enjoy working as a freelancer, helping my clients to achieve their goals and to elevate their brands to the next level. I love to explain business stories using simple marks in logos. I love to sketch all my ideas on the paper and I create all of my work using the grids for perfect visual balance. My designs are absolutely appropriate, simple, trendy, timeless, unique, and Able to understand a good story. I like to concentrate attention on one project only while I am working, so you can be sure that I do my best for each client. If you’re interested in working together then feel free to reach out to me

I make multi category Logo design for my clients. Which one do you want?

Word-marks logo (or logotypes)

Letter-forms logo

Abstract logo marks