RM MARKETING has a deep expertise in partnering with E-commerce businesses that are trying to have a better digital presence and stand out from the competition. We are known for our proven methods that take the guess work out of social media and turn it into a predictable revenue source that helps grow our clients businesses.

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E-commerce sales using the power of Meta & Tiktok ads

At RM Marketing agency , we understand the power of effective advertising. That's why we offer customized Meta and TikTok ad solutions that drive sales and help you stand out from the competition.
Our team of experts will work with you to create impactful Ads and target the right audience for maximum results. Don't settle for mediocre sales.

We only work with E-commerce businesses and we only do Meta & Tiktok ads.

We are a specialist E-commerce sales company that works only with E-commerce businesses. We do not work with any other industry . We use Meta & Tiktok ads to locate and attract motivated, qualified ‘ready to buy’ customers.

Average cost-per-result reduction: 80%

Web Design & Development

We create tailor made websites according to the needs of the client.
Rm Marketing developers-supported by our growth consultants, digital marketers, designers and copywriters. Deliver impressive responsive websites that are technically sound, fast loading, customer friendly and growth focused.
At Rm Marketing we understand that your website and your marketing go hand in hand, you can't fix one and ignore the other.

We bring your vision to life.


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  • Excellent service, very helpful and great to work with. RMMARKETING built our website which was of the highest quality would recommend to any business looking for a high quality website. We have already won new business from the platform.


  • Excellent company to deal with helped us develop a website from scratch. Very responsive and nothing was too big a problem


  • It’s so important to work with somebody that understands what drives you and implement that in your website. RMMARKETING care enough to figure why and reach a solution. We met with the whole team at RMMARKETING and everyone got a great sense of what direction to take things, formulated a plan, came back with ideas, tweaked a few things and then went to work.


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